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If you’re seeking professional and experienced corporate Event Management Company, look no further than the team at Begonia Group. You don’t have to struggle with internal subcommittees attempting to cover the details of corporate events any longer. Begonia Group has spent years performing corporate event planning for some of the biggest names in the business world. No matter what size your event is, or  what industry you are in, Begonia Group can help you coordinate the event of the year.  

  • Efficiently handle internal corporate events from small meetings to large training initiatives
  • Develop and run customer events that create a favorable impression
  • Establish, oversee and track budgets with ease
  • Organize travel, catering, venues, audio-visual requirements, entertainment, schedules and more
  • Ensure consistent, professional events anywhere
  • Customize communications with your corporation's branding
  • Capture valuable data through a variety of means, including surveys
  • Generate comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports



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